Estate Nike Of Samothrace Statue

Design Toscano

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The showcase of the Louvre still thrills viewers today as Nike, Winged Victory, presides over its grand staircase. This 19th-century, scaled museum rendition of the goddess Nike with wings spread as she landed on the prow of a ship is thought to be announcing the Rhodian naval victory over Antiochos III. One of the world's most recognizable sculptural images, our estate-sized rendition is cast directly from a 19th-century original in art-grade resin. 25½"Wx20"Dx40½"H. 30 lbs. Base is 12.5"W x 10"D Fits on Grand English Rosette plinth (CL5193), Grand Garden English plinth (NE140502), Rococo plinth (KY0631), Grande Laurel plinth (KY3917), Classical Fluted plinth (KY2273) and Lion of Florence Sentinel base (KY727) Fits on Large Classic plinth (NG314100) and Roman Column plinth (NE60510) with slight overhang

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