Steampunk Submarine - Melanocetus-Unus - Steampunk.


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Let your imagination take flight with this Steampunk Submarine Melanocetus Unus Figurine from XoticBrands collection. Composed of cold cast resin combined with bronze, this submarine figurine is built in the Steampunk style to resemble the Anglerfish. This unique piece features the cogs, tubes, gears, or pipes and adorned with the fearsome teeth, fins, and tail that completes its fishy look. Display this figurine on any mantle, table, or shelf and make sure to catch the attention of every visitor. This also makes a unique gift for any marine life lover, dive enthusiasts, submarine professionals, or divers. Made of Cold Cast Bronze. Measures 8.86(L) x 3.94(W) x 7.09(H) ,Weighs 3.5lbs. Category: Features Round Base with Gear Design

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