Steampunk Plague Doctor Bust Trinket Box - Home Accent


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Bring home an inventive keepsake box by purchasing this Steampunk Plague Doctor Bust Trinket Box from XoticBrands. Crafted from high-grade cold cast bronze, this trinket box is hand-painted in antique shades of bronze, red, and black. Designed with subtle texture of metal and leather, this unique item lends the resemblance of a bird. It features protruding eyes and ornate foliate design of the beak that is often filled with aromatic herbs. Keep your all metallic accessories in it or gift it to any military person or doctor.

Category: Trinket Box

Made of Cold Cast Bronze

Measures 5.71(L) x 5.51(W) x 6.1(H) Inches,Weighs 2.7lbs

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